Subject: Re: Scotland

There is no problem driving in the North of scotland. The main roads ( and we do have them in Scotland in the north ) are all tarmac. Some of them are termed single-track with passing places which means they have passing places for on-coming traffic at frequent intervals and all you do is, when you see an on coming vehicle, you wait on your side of the road at a passing place which is as wide as a two lane highway----very easy and if you drive with due care and attention and politely you will have no probem and it is normal to give the other driver a cheerful ackowledgment with a wave of the hand as you pass.

Tom, you will love the far north---people are friendly and the pace of life is slow and gentle. It is not the back of beyond you will find things available that you will find in Carlisle

Have fun! Elma Glasgow, Scotland, UK