Subject: Re: California dreaming
Hi to Marta and fellow Ziners,

Your trip to California sounds fantastic especially since I am more than ready for a Pacific coast fix! We've flown into Ontario and driven up the coast (Solvang is a fun town for a short stop). Have family in SF now, so we start from the north and drive south on 101, across, maybe CA 46, to San Simeon/Cambria (neat little town) and then north through Big Sur (one trip south was way more than enough!).

I enjoy the fog finding it quintessentially California. Especially when it's 100 degrees at home. Alas, a couple years ago, it was 101 in SF on 31 May. Hopefully you won't have any fog when you head out for Big Sur. We have never seen anything more beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. Allow plenty of time to take in the views. We have driven it in light fog, but visibility of the ocean is about zero. You might want to think about the aquarium in Monterey and if you would be there early, across the street from the aquarium is the American Cannery Outlets. Facing the front, far left end is a restaurant called Great Awakenings (very similar to First Watch). We love having breakfast on their patio.

If you're driving up the coast to Bodega Bay and Jenner (be prepared if you have any problems with motion sickness) and it isn't foggy, you might think about stopping at the Point Reyes National Seashore. You'll understand why you see so many pictures of the lighthouse. Bodega Bay is known for fresh fish and if you continue any further north, Elk and Mendocino are lovely, too.

We always stick to the coastal areas when we go to California so unable to provide any suggestions for wine country. It is on our to do list, though.

Happy travelling,