Subject: Re: Alaska by road
Hi everyone!

As far as driving up the coast, nope it can't be done. There is an inland road called Highway 37(the Stewart-Cassiar) which is scenic but not coastal at all. It joins the Alaska Highway between Watson Lake and Whitehorse(both of which are in the Yukon-Canada. However, a person can take a ferry either from Bellingham, Washington State or Prince Rupert, British Columbia(also Canada) to the Alaskan ports of Skagway, Haines or even onto the Anchorage area. This will allow you to see most of the scenery you could see on a cruise and with a bit of extra planning, I would say the majority of the excursions you could do and for probably less money than the cruise ships charge. For example the glacier day trips/fishing etc. The ferry system is called the Alaska Marine Highway-I'll put in a link at the bottom of this email. It is run by the State of Alaska. One great advantage to using the ferry instead of the cruises is that places like Skagway-which has a year-round population of about 500-become horrific on 'cruise-ship days'. They're crowded, prices inflated and a little less friendly than usual. You can disembark in various communities along the way and re-board(on a different ferry) a day or two later if you so desire. Last season there were cases of cruise ship illness in the Alaska region too, more often than one would think....but cruises are a nice easy way to see things if that's what you're into. A good 'no fuss-no muss' holiday. Hope this helps...any more info-do not hesitate to ask!! Maggie :)