Subject: Re: SE Utah Suggestions
Hi Andrew,

I love that part of the country, have visited many times. I wrote an extensive travelogue, with lots of links and such (although they may be outdated now since I have not maintained the website). See link below.

Do try to approach this area via Monument valley, which is unbelievable. I like Monument valley at sunrise and sunset best, last time I was there we stayed at Gouldings and hired a private Native guide who took us through the monument during a full moon, it was awesome! Awesome!

The Moki dugway switchbacks are another must see. The road that takes you there goes right past monument valley and the valley of the gods, another wonderful back road, replete with a B& B. Finally you end up at a lookout point called Muley Point, don't miss this either.

I am sorry , I cannot offer any advice on the Maze District, I did not get there because there is limited access ( dirt road) and there was so much to do at the other two districts.

Hope this helps,

Amelia Hesson Los Angeles