Subject: In Defense of Southwest... somewhat

I've traveled on Southwest numerous times and I suppose I have a love/hate situation with the airline.

For the most part it's been good, but have had a couple bad experiences especially when the flights were not non-stop direct.

Couple years ago we flew from Houston to Reno direct... great!

Return trip was a nightmare (though not SW's fault.. bad weather in California.

Supposed to leave Reno... flight delayed HOURS... returned to Houston about 4:00 a.m. and had to leave for Frankfurt/Amsterdam the following evening. UGH!!!

On the plus side... inexpensive direct flights from Houston Hobby to Las Vegas, Phoenix. Also I'd just as soon have the snacks Southwest offers than the crummy food on other airlines.

Usually fly Continental though as they are based in Houston and have better luck with them than Southwest.

One time during a very late-departing flight on Southwest the microphone was broken and the flight attendant was attempting to give the usual speech about where the oxygen was located etc. He or she finally gave up and said something to the effect oh, you people know the drill. Think the Southwest attendant could have gotten in big trouble saying this. Maybe broke an FAA rule?

Chris in Pearland, TX