Subject: Re: Toronto Area Advice Sought
Hi Mark, You haven't told us where you are coming in from so don't know how long your journey will be and how tired you may feel when you arrive. Also, will you have a car and are you willing to drive for a distance when you arrive? There are plenty of places nearby Toronto but it will depend on how many miles you are willing to travel once you land here. I agree that St. Jacobs, and the area around Waterloo is a good place to stop, but if you want a short hop I'd suggest driving the 35 kilometres from the airport to Hamilton and staying overnight there. This small city is often overlooked because it is so close to Toronto. You can stay in the city and visit the beautiful waterfront during the day. Go to McMaster University, park your car, and walk to Cootes Paradise. Have lunch in a pub in town and then head back to Toronto. Hamilton is a small city with a very lively folk music nightlife, especially on a Thursday night. So if you go there, just ask the hotel where the closest pub is located, and you'll find yourself amidst good music and great conversation on your first night in Ontario. Lucy (in Toronto with fond memories of living in Hamilton)