Subject: RE: Planning
Hey Ziners,

Since most of our travelling occurs in the summer and in Italy, we usually hunt for as low a fare as possible for either Milano or Roma and book our flight first. Then we decided how to spend the time. Our summer trips have ranged from 3.5 to 6 weeks.

We usually find a base for 1 or 2 weeks and do sightseeing and daytrips in the area. This summer we have planned 1 week outside of Lucca and 3 weeks in Umbria, staying outside of Spoleto. I still have 10 days yet unplanned. Last year we had a base for 2 weeks south of Siena and 2 weeks touring Sicily and points south.

One summer we did venture into Austria, Bavaria and Switzerland (Ticino), but the weather was rainy, which didn't make my husband too excited to go back any time soon. He did greatly enjoy the food at the place we stayed outside of Innsbruk, though!

For us, good weather, good food, and small less toursity places are usually the norm, although we do take a shopping day or two in Florence if we are in the area. We usually spend at least 3 days in Rome every year.

I use Borders and Barnes & Nobles as my library, pouring over latest editions of guide books, comparing hotels and sights. We take the TCI (Touring Club Italia) or Blue guides with us, along with a page of notes typed very small of restaurants and shopping ideas.

I guess planning all depends on the purpose of your trip. For us, relaxing after a busy teaching year and enjoying the sun, since we live in the fog, are our main goals. La dolce vita far niente...

Ciao, Kristy S.F.