Subject: Driving the Emerald Coast
Hi Ziners, We are asking for input on suggestion regarding part of our trip to the U.S. this winter (summer for you guys living in the Northern Hemisphere.) We will be in the Deep South for about two weeks from the end of June into early July. Before that we will be visiting family and friends in California, Oregon and Nevada. We will be visiting daughters and grandbabies in the Pensacola, Florida area. We will be flying into The Big Easy (New Orleans, LA). We would appreciate ideas and 'must sees' driving around that part of the Country, which I believe is called the Emerald Coast? We want to drive across Tennessee and Alabama and onto the Florida panhandle. We understand it is lovely with lots of beaches and rivers, similar to where we live in Australia. Marghe loves the cultural thing, whereas I enjoy the great outdoor stuff (like fishing and crabbing). And, of course, we love to eat every kind of ethnic food. Can't wait for all those crayfish and fresh seafood. We can easily catch our own of the latter, but not the former here in Queensland. However, I have heard of a crustacean called a red claw here in our lakes, that looks quite a bit like a crawdad. I will have to check that out soon. All input will be appreciated. Cheerio, Marghe and Marty in Coral Cove.