Subject: Personal travel websites
Dear Ziners,

I enjoy reading about the trips people are planning, places they are returning from ... I was thinking if any of you has been tempted during the last years to build up a personal website, with pictures and stories of their trips (leaving apart our parent website : ).

I would like to know how difficult or how easy has been for you. Anything from selecting where to hang your stories, to choose your favourite trips to put up on your web. I would like to know about novice people, that is, not IS/IT people or nerds ... I think that there are tools that help even the most inexpert to build up an interesting site. Which ones have you chosen, and why?

I begin. I created a personal website in Yahoo. I began with their templates, and due to work experience, I have moved into Frontpage and Dreamweaver. I use it mainly to show my pictures to friends around the world (not that they are very good, but they are my pictures :)) ), and as a planning tool. I have a page with favourite links, and I try to update it before every trip I make with links that might be useful for me during it ( webmail, the weather, my local newspaper, museums and transportation websites, my bank ...). It has certainly helped me.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain