Subject: Re: Taxi cost
Karin, Though it's been 10 years since our trip to that area, I'll give you some info. We also drove from Santa Margarita Ligure to Malpensa for our last night in Italy.

In Malpensa, we stayed at the Cardano Hotel right near the airport on Via al Campo. The hotel is clean, simple and convenient for the airport- no big deal - but great if you have an early morning flight. After the drive to get there, we wanted a good meal close- by. The hotel desk manager recommended a nice little restaurant which was in walking distance of the hotel. I forget the name, but it's probably still there. We had one of the best meals we ever had - I had gnocchi in two sauces, salmon and squid. We're foodies and appreciate fine cuisine and this little charming neighborhood place just knocked our socks off!

I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant we had dinner in one night in Santa Margarita Ligure, but it's a seafood restaurant that has no menu. It's prix fix and they just keep bringing the courses. It's off the main part of town, right in the middle of a very residential area. Perhaps if you describe it that way, your hotel concierge might know it. It was phenomenal!

Have a wonderful trip!

Candice NYC