Subject: Re: Ramekins Cooking School in Sonoma
Hi Marta & George,

I used to be a volunteer kitchen assistant at Ramekins and I can tell you it's a professionally run organization with a lot of varied and affordable classes. (I have no association with them other than as slave labor.)

They have both hands-on and demonstration-style classes and have many well-known and local chefs conducting them. I still take classes there frequently even though I don't assist much any more and recommend them highly. I'd suggest requesting their catalog since you can get a much better picture of what's offered and bios of the instructors.

My preference is for the demo classes since in the hands-on classes you tend to have to concentrate on just the recipes you're working on and not see what the other groups are doing. Also the room is quite a madhouse with people vying for stove and oven time as well as the instructor's attention.

If you decide to take a demo class, get there about a half-hour before start time so you can get a seat in one of the rows immediately in front of the instructor # you'll have a close-up view as well as good sight lines to the overhead mirror and TVs (the room seats about 35 and it's fun to be up near the action.)

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA