Subject: Re: Connecting to Travel Memories
John and Ziners,

We always bring home seeds from our travels, and plant and eat or cut what we grow. I have fresh arugula all spring, summer and most of fall, and every time I make something with it, which is almost every day, I am transported back to some of my favorite places in Italy. From Italy, France, New York and California we love to bring home foods and cooking ingredients. Now that there is Fauchon in NYC, I don't know if I can use them as a reason to go to Paris. Drat!

We also buy a little art or objet, including small bowls for a newish collection of those, and display and use them. A coffee mug or tea cup is always a great connector, and my Wives of Henry 8th mug caused a stir (couldn't help that) this weekend when I offered it to a guest; I purchased it at Hampton Court Palace about 4 years ago.

In Florence a few weeks ago, I got new earrings, and since I wear the same earrings ALL the time, I am pretty well connected to that trip. ;-)

Ciao, Debbie