Subject: Re: Personal travel websites
Dear Covadonga:

I set up our travel website initially as a spot to share photos with our friends with whom we travel. We have our own Yahoo Group titled the Lost Luggage Lounge, so I borrowed that name as the domain name. As I played more and more with the photos, the site was born. (

I create my pages in MS FrontPage, with which I've become quite facile. I know HTML, as well, so sometimes I go in and fix some of the coding by hand where FrontPage inserts something inexplicable. But for the most part FrontPage is easy to manage. We host our pages through Yahoo.

I keep it simple, nothing too fancy, because I know myself and that if I allow myself to get too involved I won't have any time left to actually travel...I'll simply get engrossed in posting the photos!

I love maintaining our website, and I've found that it's a great way to crystallize my memories of a trip within the weeks after our return. I sit down with our photos and my travel journal and then work to combine these bits of information together in some coherent form. In some of my travelogs, I've added links to 360 degree images and sound files that seem to add to the ambience.