Subject: Re: VOLARE and transport from Malpensa to Milan
Hi Cova,

About Malpensa to Milan link, I'm afraid that Taxi or Limo service would be expensive. It will cost you more than a flight ticken in weekends ...

Anyway the train link Malpensa Express run until 22,15 than there is a bus service until 1,30am. You can find the train table at

There is an other bus service from Malpensa to the city, named Malpensa shuttle, that run until 0,15am every 30 min. Have a look to

I'd prefer take pubblic transports rather taxi (Malpensa is far away from the city). Then take a taxi in the city to get to the hotel.

Cova, take into account that July is a hot and damp month in Milan.

Ciao, Marco in Milan