Subject: Hotels and transport in Milan
Hi Marco, thanks a lot for the info with the trains and buses from Malpensa to Milan. At the end, we will be going on the 23rd of May, and as we will be flying in the morning, there wonīt be no need to think of taxis at night from Malpensa.

We will need a triple room for that Friday and Saturday. We have been looking into a few hotels and some offers. We have seen an offer of 99 Euros per night at the Melia Milano in Via Masaccio 19, but I was afraid that it could be a bit far away from everything (and I donīt know if they allow three people per room). Also, I have found a good rate at a three-star called Demidoff, in via Plinio, near Piazza Lima.

If anyone has any info on this places, it will be most appreciated. I have sent some emails to places mentioned in the hotel database and in the Zine, but I am still waiting for their replies.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain