Subject: AA miles/off-season destinations
Hi all,

I've got over 40 thousand miles on American Airlines, and am worried that they might go under before I can use them. I'm already taking a big trip this May, and my only times to travel off-season are the month of January and one week in March. Would I be wise to book something now? And what would happen if I laid down my miles, only to have the airline fold?

I wanted to use my miles to go to either Prague or Barcelona, but both destinations seem too chilly and miserable in winter. (Got REALLY sick in Paris one January, and don't want to repeat that). I've never been that interested in the tropics--love the weather, but would miss the excitement of Europe. Anyone have any ideas about warmer, even tropical destinations for a Europhile budget traveller?

My May trip to Greece is still on...even if I have to swim there!

Best, Didi