Subject: Re: Hotels and transport in Milan
Hello Cova,

I'm glad hearing you have decided to come in my city.

About Melia in Via Masaccio, despite I don't have any first hand experience, I can tell you that the area is quite a residential area not far from the Fiera di Milano area (the Milan fair area). Via Masaccio il well located near a metro station (line #1, station LOTTO) that make easy get to the city centre. Moreover, this metro station is just 5 stops away from the Cadorna train station where the Malpensa Express arrive. I believe it could be a good choice if you don't want spend a lot and don't want stay in 1 or 2 stars. Around this area (fair of Milan) there are lots hotels for businnessman that offers special rates on weekends. I'd stay there without problems.

About Demidoff in via Plinio, it is located a bit closer to the Duomo square and close to the metro station LIMA. It is also close to the Buones Aires boulevards, a shopping area. Anyway this area is more chaotic than Via Masaccio and, even though it is a walkable distance to the Duomo (if you area a good walker), your mum would be prefer take metro anyway.

Definitely I would prefer the quiter Via Masaccio than the shopping area of Corso Buenos Aires but it is up to you.

NB Metro runs until 00,30am and after that time a bus service follows the metro route.

BTW, Cova we are going to have a gtg with Ira from Texas on May 24 or 25th, would you like joint us ???

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy