Subject: Re: Hotels and transport in Milan
Hi Marco, I am going to Milan with two friends. One of them will be teaching at the Como University the previous week, and when we saw the offer from Volare, we thought that it was too good to be true.

BTW, Volare has a lot of destinations from its hub in Milan, and the sale until next Sunday is quite good (return flight to Bilbao in September, only 40 Euros plus taxes, that will be around 55 Euros ...). Check at :

I donīt think that the Melia will allow more than two people in the room, and even then, I donīt think that it can be very appealing (even for my dear mum, if she had to choose between business hotels and bustling neighbourhoods, she would choose the second...). Iīll speak with the girls, nevertheless.

About the GTG, I wonīt tell you for sure until then. I should ask my friends if they would mind going. I might be able to join you for coffee, if they have other plans.

Thanks for all,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain