Subject: Re: AA miles/off-season destinations
Hey, Didi I hope you're having a good winter!

Would you consider the Alpujarra (small white, perched villages in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada ( a little southwest of Granada) in southern Spain. It's very historic and the surrounding area is wonderful. (This section was the last stronghold of the Moors) You've also got, Granada itself, Cordoba, Ronda, and the hills around Malaga.

I've done a travelogue w/ pictures, if you're interested. - Also, I'd be glad to help you with your trip, should you decide to go. It's warm in Feb/March and it's fantastic - a bit different. (I'd give you the link, but I can't seem to pull up Travelzine???)

Glad to hear Greece is still on. We're hedging... but hopeful. Best regards, Susie Newton, MA