Hi Michelle,

I never book hotels through Whenever I use them for a search and then contact the hotel myself I get the same/or better rate. Also, charges a cancellation fee and booking directly with the hotel or travel agent, does not. Lastly, if memory serves me right, you have to pay right way or at least pay a deposit. Why let them hold my money for a reservation months in advance? When you book directly with the hotel, there's no charge until your visit. So it never made sense to me to use them.

That said, under any circumstances, I would check with the hotel to make sure they have your booking. Even when I make the resy's myself directly with the hotel, I send them a reminder email about a week before my arrival. That way if there's any problems they can be resolved before I fly and arrive jet lagged and tired!

My search on Yahoo's home page for your hotel gave me a lot of differnt website that feathure your hotel. Phone numbers were available, so you could get them that way.