Subject: Re: Planning
Hi, I have what might be considered a more drastic option for taking guidebook information with me.

When you consider all the information in a guidebook, there's a lot of it you don't need to take with you - you should already have picked and organised your accommodation, car hire, etc. and have read the sections introducing the city/country/climate/customs etc.

So the night before I leave, I basically cut up the binding of the book and physically separate the chapters, and then I only take the sections that I will need to refer to while I'm away.

(I can see people wincing at the thought of doing that to your guidebooks - believe me, it is worth doing.)

As to my general planning technique: Firstly, whenever I start to plan a trip, I try to visit as many bookshops around me when they are having their sales, and I grab all the discounted travel books I can find for the areas I will be travelling in.

Particularly when I will be touring around by car, I also get good up-to-date maps, which I then stick up on the walls in my hallway at home. If I take the example of my trip to the UK 2 years ago, once I started reading the travel books, as I came across details of attractions I wanted to see, I wrote the name of the attraction on a post-it note, along with the page number and name of the guidebook the details were in, and then put the post-it note on the maps, next to the town they were located in.

Once I had done this for everything I wanted to see, I was able to start planning my route, and booking the accommodation along that route.

Rgds, Stewart Wollongong, Australia