Subject: Hotel Royal in Barcelona
Dear Michele,

I havenīt seen anyone coming up with the address for the Hotel Royal in Barcelona, so here it goes :

The english version doesnīt work, but with the spanish one you can have a look at the rooms and the location (not too bad, at the beginning of the Rambla, and near the Plaza de Catalunya and the fountain of Canaletas).

And the most important part of all : La Rambla, 117 - 08002 Barcelona (SPAIN) Tel. (34) 93 301 94 00 - Fax. (34) 93 317 31 79 E-mail: hotelroyal (take away the blank after the

Good luck, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain

Ps. The fountain of Canaletas is a tiny fountain at the beginning of Las Ramblas where the Barcelona soccer team fans celebrate, if they win something (not this year, Iīm afraid)