Subject: Fly into Frankfurt?
Hello Ziners! I am ready to book my flight for our May trip but am now trying to decide where to fly in and out of. I've been watching airfare prices for three months now and they've hovered around the same price. I don't want to wait much longer to buy them as I don't feel they'll go down any more (the particular flight I've been watching actually just went up $80!).

Our original plan was to fly into Brussels (5/16) and out of Zurich (6/1). But, I found a great fare going into and out of Frankfurt. Now I need to figure if the train fares to and from Frankfurt would make this great airfare a wash.

Could anyone tell me a ballpark figure for train fares (second class, two adults traveling together) Frankfurt to Brussels and then Muerren, Switzerland to Frankfurt?

I've looked on one site and it gives me schedules but won't quote prices. Any help would be much appreciated!

Jennie in Atlanta