Subject: Re: Fly into Frankfurt?
Hey, Jennie.

Finding international train fares for Europe is like pulling teeth. You can go to a site like and get some point to point fares, but you have to know that these fares can be considerably inflated from what you can get on the ground in Europe. along with overpricing the fares, they only give standard fares, and most of the European railroads have all kinds of discounts available to the likes of youths, seniors, couples or families traveling together, etc, etc, etc. You can get a rough idea of fares by taking about 25% off the Raileurope fare. But you can probably do even better than that once in Europe.

The best place for schedules is which is the schedule and fare engine for Deutschebahn. It gives scheds all over Europe but fares only within Germany. And also check for genreal info on discounts an all within Germany.

Some of the national rail web sites for other railroads do give fares across frontiers. For instance, the French site at gives international fares for travel out of France. So the best advice is to check out the national sites. You may have to find fares to the frontier in one country and then the fare in the other country separately; unfortunately, there's no easy way.

One of the things that the DeutscheBahn scheduls site is good for is to find out the actual route the train will take so you can decide where the frontier stations are in each country and then go the national sites and find those individual fares.

By the way, you can actually make ticket purchases through the Deutschebahn site, even international, and they will hold them in their computer until you can pick them up in Germany; this gets you the local prices.

You'll have to decide if you want seat reservations on trains that don't require them; they're about six dollars each. The high-speed trains generally require seat reservations or include them in the fare the way an airline does.

You can get to most national rail sites through

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona, out where the cacti grow