Subject: Re: Vancouver/Victoria -- advice needed!!
Hi Michele,

You will really enjoy the west coast of Canada. In Vancouver,I highly reccomend The Wedgewood Hotel. Right downtown, cozy, all individual rooms, really great. (a bit pricey) Dining in Vancouver is very competitive, so you have a wide selection of great places, some of the newer trendy ones will catch your eye, but I still love to go to Umbertos, he also has a restraunt in Whistler. In Victoria the old standby is the Empress, an old Canadian Railway hotel, quite large, and you may want to look up the Laurel Point Inn as well.

Rent a car in Vancouver, drive to Whistler, and back, and then take the car on the ferry to Victoria. It's the best way to see it all. Try to travel up island a bit from Victoria. I am sure you are aware that the US dollar goes a long way. Hope this is of some help.

Mike Mississauga ON Canada