Subject: Re: Vancouver/Victoria -- advice needed!!
Hi, Michele:

If you go to the Yahoo groups homepage for The Travelzine, select Messages and then use the search feature (upper right), input Vancouver, you will pull up a lot of past discussion of this great BC destination. Our family (kids 9 and 11) was there last summer, and I previously posted a message that contains several ideas and links we found helpful in our planning, including one that is a local family's webpage for all sorts of family fun things to do in the area. You can repeat your search using Victoria, Whistler, etc.

There are several family resort areas on Vancouver Island and in the San Juan Islands that have always sounded like so much fun. Depending on how much time you have and your family's level of interest in outdoorsy active pursuits, I've often thought of combining a trip including Vancouver and inland exploration with some stay put for a while time at one of those glorious Pacific NW retreats. Maybe someone with personal experience will jump in and tell us about one. Otherwise, I've always pulled up a bunch of potential winners via google.

Enjoy your trip research!

Diana Ball near Houston, TX