Subject: Re: Vancouver/Victoria -- advice needed!!
Hi, Michele -

You're getting all sorts of good suggestions for things to do in BC. One Victoria place I would add is Beacon Hill Park. It's large, close to downtown, and a good place for children to work off steam.

If you want to get farther away from the downtown Victoria scene, try Oak Bay. There's a wonderful beach, and a very nice restored &updated hotel. The area is just a short drive from downtown.

Victoria also has a good bus system, in case you want to leave your car parked for a day or two.

In Oak Bay, THE place for tea is (or was - I admit I have not been there for a few years!) The Blethering Place. Check it out if it still exists.

If you have enough time, and really want to get out to the ocean, go up-island to the wonderful beaches at Tofino and Ucluelet.

Have fun!

Julie in Seattle

Here's a url for the Oak Bay Beach Hotel:

And it seems the Blethering Place is more famous than I knew. Here's its web address: