Subject: Argentina and Uruguay
Hi, I spent two weeks in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, traveling twice between both cities within these two weeks.. Found a lot of US tourists in both cities.

My reasons for this trip were personal and kind of unique. For one I wished to be with my mother on her 88th birthday and to visit my two daughters and their family. The other reason is kind of weird but it worked up so well I wish to share it. I had some NEEDED dental work done in Buenos AIRES with a top, very well known Argentinean dentist. Frankly the job turned out to be much better than what I was getting here in Miami. The amazing part is the quality at the biiiiig savings.

This is the first time I do this and it worked so well that I am delighted. Also Lan- Chile was impeccable. Right on time both ways, very good meals! everything just right.

I guess that tourism is going South because of security on one hand and on the other hand because of big bargains in hotels, meals and shopping.

I paid in a cafe (like those in Paris) only 2.30 us, for a lunch of the day consisting of a mushroom omelet and a huge tomato salad. Better restaurants, charge per person with wine, approx. 20 dollars.

The transportation between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, in a combination Hoovercraft + bus costs some 28 dollars one way. Taxis are extremely cheap, many rides are one dollar.

I found time to go to the theater one night. Tickets are extremely cheap too.

Nice to be back. Graziella, Miami Beach