Subject: Vancouver
Hi Michele, Diana talked about the website and IMHO this is just about the best thing going for Family ideas in Vancouver. Certainly click onto Science World on their list and it will likely become a must do on your list!

One idea they have is a trip to Whistler. I would suggest that, for your 2 kids, it might be a bit much to go there and back in one day. If you have time, consider spending the night. There's canoing, biking, hiking and a trip up the summer chairlift to consider.

If you decide to take your car over to Vancouver Island (though Jerry's bus trip around Victoria sounded so great), think about reserving ferry space rather than just turning up. The extra cost is $15.00 reservation fee but, during Summer months, especially on weekends, the waits are sometimes very long. You can book online at or by phone and you can book on the same day you want to travel if you wish.

Tofino - someones suggestion- is great with wonderful beaches and surf but it is about 5 hours out of Victoria.

I notice their hasn't been much response to you regarding accomodation. Perhaps if you researched a few that you feel might suit (There are so many choices) we could help with some personal comments. In Victoria I've enjoyed both the Laurel Point Inn and the Ocean Pointe resort both on the Inner Harbour but these are hotels rather than the Inns you may be looking for.

Regards, Judy Abbotsford BC