Subject: Nice France late June '03
Dear Ziners,

I discovered and joined the group a few weeks ago for the very reason I am now posting my questions.

It's my first trip off the North American continent to Nice, France for a month of classes in a monastery called Domaine des Courmettes, just above Tourrettes sur Loup, 25 kil from Nice. I do not have any experience with the French language.

I will be departing Dallas TX late June arriving Nice at 8pm. My concerns are:

1 - I'm in question about arriving at 8pm, what do I need to know about public transportation?

2 - any advice of economical housing, again taking into consideration my arriving at the airport at 8pm. I was considering a bed & breakfast as well as other types of venues, and am looking for your recommendations.

I will be meeting other students, during the 3 days allowed for recovery from jet lag, taking some form of public transportation to the monastery, and do not plan to rent a car as far as I know.

I would appreciate any advise and recommendations from any of you ziners. I've observed much very informative and helpful information in prior messages.

3- The other part of the trip is how best to see the country rather than cities, while I'm in France. I have allowed 8 days after the classes to let the new information soak in. If a situation became available I would love to stay with a family in the country and enjoy the lavendar and other essential oil making flowers.

I have considered meeting the Rick Steves group and see northern France just because I could see lots and not have to figure out the details. There is a tour just after my classes that will include touring Mt. St. Michel, which is a place I would like to experience, and I'm hoping some of you are able to shine some light on my clueless state of mind at this time.

Bye the way, I do have a map of the country on my bedroom wall to familiarize myself with the country. Packing for 6 weeks will be a new experience for me. Thanks to all of you who recommended some clothing websites.

Naomi in Dallas TX