Subject: Re: Nice France late June '03
Dear Naomi in Dallas!

Re: transportation: check the Salk International Transit Guide: there is an ANT express and a # 23 bus. Depends upon where you're going. They have a website: Also Nice airport may have a webside - use Google and see what you can find.

Re: housing. You can get mucho info from the French Government Tourist office (212-838-7800) or go online and follow the links to the French Tourist people. They will send you a plethera of material on transportation and accommodations.

Re: Rick Steves: If you are on your own, that might be the best way to travel around without hassle. We have been independent travelers but used a Rick Steves' B& B tour for Spain and Portugal - they were going to where we wanted to go and we didn't want to rent a car or jump on and off trains and buses, much less figure out the schedules. I would recommend it, even though he charges a bit more than other tours; the upside is you don't get nickled and dimed to death by the guides. And they are good!

Re: stuff. whether you're going for several weeks or six weeks, you take the same amount of stuff. We used a carry on apiece for up to four weeks. A couple of changes; what else? And you keep it light, particularly when you consider that you will be lugging it all from hither to yon! A good piece of advise we've used: put out all the stuff you are absolutely sure you gotta have - then, pack half of it. Even then, you'll find there are things you never used.

Sounds like you have a wonderful time waiting for you. Enjoy!!

jo in sunnyvale ca