Subject: Re: Nice trip late June '03
Hello Naomi,

French public transportation in the countryside is not abundant to say the least. From Nice, the major train runs along the coastline, not inland. If there are regular buses going from the airport in the direction of Tourettes, I would venture to say that they might not run much after 8 pm. The best way to find out is by writing to a local tourist office (you can write in English). A good site for much information (including B& B's) on the region is

I wonder if the organisation that arranges these courses can help you out with transportation and lodging. They must have more students that arrive at various hours of the day and need to get to the monastery or nearby.

The area of Vence, Tourettes is much visited in the summer season, even June. On the face of it, you will find the prices for lodging to be rather steep. However, by contacting tourist offices you may find a relative bargain. These offices can be a great source of information. Also, this year the demand has gone down considerably -- the war, economic downturns -- especially in the higher end lodgings. I don't know if that helps you much.

Frieda Lekkerkerker