Subject: Re: Museum Cards
Hello, I used the museum card in Paris and found it very worthwhile. I was there long enough that I could visit several of the museums it covered though I can't remember which ones.

I want to add the card I purchased and used in Rome last November and December. I bought the card when I visited the Colosseum and the Palatine, which together cost E 8. It not only covered these two places but also seven other museums. The cost was E 20, and the card was good for seven days. The museums covered are all national museums. With the card you receive a booklet listing the addresses and opening times of the museums included. I did not visit all the possible museums, but I did go to four besides the two mentioned above. The regular cost for these was E 8 for each museum. So I spent E 20 instead of E 40 for the areas I visited. I felt this was a good purchase.

Ciao to all, Joan Rockford