Subject: Veneto Villas
Hello Winnie,

It has been 20 years since I visited the villas, but I did it on the Burchiello boat from Venice to Padua. It was a fun trip with lots to see. However, since you are spending three days there, I am guessing you will have a car. In the Italy 2000 guide book Frommer discusses the Veneto area and lists the villas that are open to the public. So you might consider consulting this book. Perhaps other guide books will also have helpful information.

Be sure to visit Verona and Padua too. There is much to see in both towns. Last November I was in Padua and visited the newly restored Giotto frescoes in the Cappella degi Scrovegni, a marvelous sight. It is necessary to have reservations to do this though in May you might be able to get them there on the day you visit. I made my reservations on line, and if you are interested in this, here is the web address:

The link to English language was not working today, but if you follow the line for on-line booking you will come to a page in Italian, but at the bottom of this page is another link to on-line booking, and the order page comes up in English.

Whatever villas or towns you decide to visit, I am sure you will have a marvelous time. And give my love to Venice!

Ciao, Joan Rockford