Subject: Re: airline seating for families
Hi Anne, When flying with my husband, we always book our seats separately. He likes the window, I prefer the aisle because I like to get up and stretch my legs and I hate stepping over passengers. We make a point of asking for this because the ticketing agent will automatically try to seat us together and we may find ourselves in seats we don't really like.

We are members of Aeroplan which gives us access to Air Canada and its allied airlines. Our seating preference is in the computer profile, as is our food preference. (As an aside, I always request vegetarian meals. Generally they are surprisingly tasty and lighter than the usual fare and I am usually served first because the crew get the special order meals out of the way before serving the remaining passengers. A bonus!)

I'd heartily recommend joining an airmiles plan, especially if there is no cost. Or, if there is a cost and you travel often, it will pay back very quickly. We've travelled to Australia, the Orient, New York City at least six times, Boston, France and England all on airmiles. We've saved thousands of dollars as a result. Our credit card is allied with the Aeroplan so each purchase we make adds to our miles. Lucy In snowy (again) Toronto