Subject: Photos of European Cities
Hi all-

Yesterday's New York Times Circuits section had an article about services providing photographs of addresses in several cities in France and Spain. Although it is used by locals to look at real estate before going inside, there is also a suggestion that one could see the outside of hotels and shops, etc. For 11 French cities including Paris, go to and for Spanish cities of Madrid and Barcelona, it is .

In the French Yellow Pages, there you click on a small section on the right side of the page that is titled Les Photos de Villes. It is best if you know the address you are looking for. The pages are in french. Since I read French, I cannot say how easy or difficult it is for someone who has no knowledge of French. Perhaps someone can try and let us know!

On the Spanish site, on the left hand side at the top of the list is Callejero Fotografico. ONce again you should have an address. My Spanish is not as good as my French, but I did figure it out.

Lisa in Chicago