Subject: Re: Museum passes & visitors' discount cards
Hello all, We just returned from 10 days in the Netherlands and a real bargain for museum lovers is the MJK.

The web site is in Dutch but it is fairly easy to navigate. Many of the individual museums have web sites with English versions. We paid 35 Euros each for the card and got at least double the value in admissions before we got home. (You will need a passport sized photo for the card which is good for an entire year.) To me the best part is not feeling I have to spend huge amounts of time at a place like the Rijksmuseum to get my money's worth. We also ended up visiting a few places that weren't on our planning list simply because they were on the pass. In one place we were out in 5 minutes and in another we spent 3 hours.

We did have a great trip in spite of the fact that we left home on March 20. This was our first trip without a car and will probably be our last. A car would have been useless as we focused on two large cities, but I won't be planning any more trips like that. It is just not our style.

Thanks to all for the ongoing information that makes travel planning so much fun, Janet Riverview, FL