Subject: Re: Comfortable Hiking Holidays
Dear Linda, Comfortable Hiking Holidays is a small Toronto-based company run by a fellow my hubby knows. He has been leading hiking holidays to worldwide destinations for a number of years and we have finally got around to taking one of the trips (when we found out that this was going to be his last year in business we decided it was now or never!) We have always wanted to visit Tuscany and even though I am a little nervous about the 'hiking' aspect of it, we are really looking forward to it. We do walk a lot on our travels, however have never taken an organized hiking tour before. How hard can it be?? First of all, I am going to buy some hiking boots, then go on a few hikes this summer in preparation for our September tour. Any suggestions from seasoned hikers? Do I need boots that cover my ankles or not? Merilyn from Pickering