Subject: Re: Comfortable Hiking Holidays
Hi Merilyn,

I have not been on this trip but I looked at the web site. The first week will be in the mountains north of Pistola. This area is the Apennines and will be mountainous. I suspect the hikes in this area will be more strenuous. The second week will be in Colle di Val D'Elsa. These hikes will be more flat and easier. I would find out what type of elevation gain on the hikes? Also, will there be multiple options of different difficulty?

I have been on two organized hiking trips with Walking Softly Adventures in Portland. They are a great company. They have three options each day with the easy option usually about 2-5 miles and 500ft-1000ft elevation gain. Intermediate options are usually 5-8 with 1000-2000ft elevation gain. Advanced options tend to have 2500- 3000 ft gain.

To train, I would recommend walking and stair climbing. You will want to be able to walk several miles before the trip. If there are any hiking trails in your area, try a few.

Also, do you get car sick? You will probably be traveling on some windy roads in a van. It might be useful to have some motion sickness medicine.

But the hiking in Tuscany is great. There is a wonderful hike to San Gimignano from Colle di Val D'elsa.

- Marta