Subject: South Beach
Hi Felice, Let me check a little before I am in a position to recommend a suitable hotel in South Beach. This is an area I used to know very well while we owned the Lafayette Hotel in the heart of South Beach, however things have changed so rapidly, for example, The Hotel Impala that I used to recommend,( a charming small boutique hotel )where I could get good rates for my friends, went bankrupt after 9-11. On the other hand several new places have emerged. It would help if you give me a price range. The Leon Hotel on Collins Avenue and 8 th a short block from the ocean is a nice small hotel and there I might get a good rate. Regarding the GTG of course we shall be delighted to attend and if you wish I can help to find a place for lunch or dinner. I hope other Travelziners from South Florida would also find it possible to attend. Let me add that May is one of the best months of the year to go to the beach.

Graziella Miami Beach.