Subject: Re: Amsterdam (and more!)
Hi Rebbi,

We have a hotel that we really, really like. You can find it here: There are a few things to note about it. It is an easy walk from the train station and very near a tram stop. Every room overlooks the canals. The rooms and bathrooms are large and comfortable. There is a lift which is very tiny - so tiny in fact that I will not ride up it with my husband. One person and the luggage works ok. Our glorious room was up 67 steps. It is very small - 8 rooms - and often hard to book. The price currently quoted is 85 Euros for a double. Prices have risen slowly but steadily since we started staying there but we like the place so much we just live with it. It is definitely worth the price. Breakfast is juice, a boiled egg, cheese, and a variety of bread products as well as coffee or tea.

Here are some current museum prices so you can see if 3 days will actually be long enough to recover the cost of the card. (Of course if you will be elsewhere in the Netherlands or back again within a year, there is no issue.) Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum - 9 Euros; Historical Museum, Rembrandt House, Jewish Historical Museum, Maritime Museum 6-7 Euros each.

We had super ribs at Cafe de Klos (Kerkstraat 41), suggested by Don and Linda. We should have taken to heart the suggestion to share! I am only thankful we didn't get the baked potato. In Chinatown at Zeedijk 115 we had an outstanding and reasonable meal at New King. Nam Kee right next door is supposed to be excellent, too. An old favorite and near the Hotel Brouwer is the Pancake Bakery (Prinsengracht 191). None of these are fancy places but the food is good and quite reasonable.

Please feel free to ask any other questions you think of. We really enjoy the Netherlands and have always had a wonderful time there.

Take care, Janet Riverview, FL