Subject: Re: restaurant in Milan
Hi Ole,

About Hotel Speronari, I don't have any first hand experience, sorry. It could give you more info the Ziner Andrew who stayed there. Anyway to get to the pizza place: LA PICCOLA ISCHIA VIA G. BROGGI crn Via Morgagni Milano (MI) tel: 02 2047613

from Duomo square, you have to catch the metro and get off in Lima station (line #1). The pizzeria is about 300 mt from the station. This place is not a touristic place so don't expect menu in English but It is worth a visit! Anyway it is not in touch to any hotel. Moreover it is better is you book your table as it is a small place and crowded of people trying to eat there.

About a possible gtg, I'll be more than happy to meet you. I don't remember if I have already sent you my contact details, anyway I'll do (again) privately.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy