Subject: Re: Comfortable Hiking Holidays
Hey Merilyn, hiking is GREAT, but footwear is very important. Whether or not you need boots that cover your ankles, depends on the terrain you'll be hiking. If you're hiking in the wild (when I say 'wild', I don't mean the jungle, just your basic back-country , outdoors, where the terrain is uneven) I would definitely invest in a decent pair of boots that cover your ankle. If you're just walking in the city, then just a good pair of walking shoes should do. The best advice I could give you is to buy them early enough, and wear them in well. Sore feet on vacation are no fun. If you get a few 'free' days in Tuscany, you might want to head west a bit to the Cinque Terre. On a map, it's just north of Pisa on the coast. It's five little fishing villages (Riomaggiore is one of them) attached by a hiking path. I was there in September (by the way, September is a GREAT month to go), and I have to say it's the most beautiful place I've seen so far.

Happy Travels Gary in Montreal