Subject: Re: Need Portugal info
Hey Ole, my name is Gary and I'm from Montreal, Canada. I was in Portugal in '94. It was beautiful. I was backpacking around Europe for 3 months and Portugal was definitely one of my favorite places. We spent 8 days in the Algarve. We were based in Lagos, and did daytrips to Salema, and Sagres, which are to the west of Lagos. We just rented mopeds and drove down the coast finding secluded areas. In the days of Henry the Navigator, before the discovery of North America, they thought that the ocean of the coast of Sagres was the end of the world. There is an old school of navigation run by Henry still standing, overlooking the ocean in Sagres. It's a very beautiful area. We also spent 3-4 days in Lisbon, it was nice, but it was a few years before they had the World's Fair (in '96.. I think) so there was a lot of construction.. a lot of scaffolding over all the buildings... so I'm sure we didn't see the 'real' Lisbon. We also made a daytrip from Lisbon to Cascais... a little seaside village within 45 minutes by train from the town center. It was a very cute little village with nice beaches. All in all, we loved Portugal and definitely hope to return one day.

I hope this helps... and I hope you enjoy Portugal even half as much as I did.

Happy Travels Gary B