Subject: Re: Need Portugal info
Hi Ole,

I know you wrote to Gary but I've also been to the Algarve & had meant to write to you. I would definitely stay in Salema if you like small towns. We stayed in Sagres which is very close to Salema twice last year. Lagos is a much larger & more congested city. Salema is a very small fishing village. The day we were in Salema the fishing boats had just been pulled up on the beach & the octopus were trying to escape from the top of 5 gallon plastic buckets. There is a good restaurant right on the beach in Salema & also several very good ones in Sagres. Everything is very close in Salema & it's a great village. Sagres is a bit larger but still a small Portugeuse village. Lagos is a large city where there are many, many apartment hotels crowded together where the English flock to for week or monthly package tours throughout the season.

We had a wonderful time in the Algarve, eating lots of great seafood & visiting with the friendly people. As I said Sagres & Salema are small fishing villages & then as you go east the towns & cities get more crowded & more congested. We took a day tour out of Lagos & visited Faro & some of the eastern towns. There's a ruins with really fine Roman mosaics near Faro...can't remember the name now. The tour was a great way to see that part of the Algarve without staying there. We picked up the tour brochure at one of the big hotels but there's a website which I'll try to find if you're interested.

Have a great time in Portugal. Carol Bailey high desert Oregon