Subject: Re: Long Island and Boston area trip and Boston GTG
Don and Linda,

Reservations are a must on the Orient to New London Ferry. Even with a reservation, you must get there at least 20 minutes before your boat to secure your spot,otherwise they give your reservation away. As you've seen from the website, it must be paid in advance as well. I think it's about $70 roundtrip (car and driver). (This is a result of the high volume CT casino traffic from western Long Island).

The ferries that connect the north and south forks via shelter island do not require a reservation. They run quite frequently (every 10-20 minutes?). However, during the summer months and busy spring weekends, you may have to wait for several boats to go by in order to get a space on one. Cost for those is $8 or $9 each way, plus $1- $2.00 per passenger.

best regards, Vanessa Craigo Cutchogue, NY