Subject: RE: Need Portugal info
Good morning from Tucson, Arizona!!!

One sight that is not to be missed in Lisbon is the elevator that was designed by Eiffel that lifts you from one street to the street above that leads to the ruins of the Monastery that was destroyed in the earthquake. It is a most curious elevator and the iron work is very intricate. I wish I could remember the exact street, but I'm sure it's easy to find - and maybe someone on the list will fill in the gaps as far as location...?

I was last in Portugal in '92 and the newest thing in Cascais was the American style mall complete with a movie theater that served popcorn - that you can actually take inside to your seat which is not allowed in any other theater in Portugal. The name of the mall.... Cascaishopping!!!! :-) I thought that very clever - and progressive. However, I must add that going to the movies in downtown Lisbon was very reminiscent of my dating days when one was ushered to an assigned seat and the theater was very fancy and uptown. However, in Lisbon, the movie has an intermission - even the hour and a half movies - and there is an open bar with mixed drinks, aperitifs, coffee, and, of course, smoking on the balcony overlooking one of the main streets of Lisbon. Fortunately for me, the movie was American with Portuguese subtitles so I was able to enjoy it.

There are many unexpected things in Portugal - and if you have the time - take the ferry from The Lisboa side across the Tejo and visit Larenjeto (sp?). It is possible to visit the large statue of Christ as well as go inside to the top. The one in Rio is a replica of this one. It can be seen easily.

Wow - I intended to make this short - but once I got started......

Thanks for your time and happy traveling! Sara Wetegrove