Subject: Re: Need Portugal info
Hi Ole!

I'm from Portugal, currently living in Porto... What cities are you going to visit?

I would say that Porto is not a good city to visit right now - lots of construction undergoing in the more turistisch areas (for example the metropolitan system). Yet, it has some nice sights to see, places to stay and restaurants to dinner.

Sintra is amazing - start by picking a book from Byron or Eça de Queiroz and stay either at Lawrence's or Tivoli Palácio de Seteais. or

Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage:

Eça's The Mistery of the Road to Sintra Could not find online - anyone?

In Lisbon I would stay at Janelas Verdes ( or Hotel da Lapa. There are less expensive hotels, yet more standardized - try the Tivoli Jardim, near Av. da Liberdade:

Regarding the Algarve, when are you coming? August is a horrific month to go to Algarve.Well, not all Algarve... The village of Vilamoura and the Quinta do Lago resort are nice places to go, very trendy in the last 20 years! I usually go to Prainha (literally, little beach, - they have a wonderful pool in a hill with fantastic sea view...

What about Alentejo, between Lisboa and the Algarve? A friend of mine suggested me recently - it is cheap and they have good taste.

If you need some more specific information, mail me...


Ricardo Duarte Porto, Portugal