Subject: Great Happenings on Air Jamaica
Hi All,

I just learned that Air Jamaica will be cutting fares for most of its flights by twenty-five percent. For those who have been missing hot meals while in the air I understand that Air Jamaica wil have a choice of two tasty Jamaican dishes on all its South-bound flights. They will be serving Ackee and saltfish and Mackerel and rundung.

For those who might not be aware, Air Jamaica flies to many of the Caribbean countries from its Montegobay hub. They also fly to London and many of the U.S. cities.

Conrad in Jamaica.

P.S. Ackee and Saltfish is Jamaica's national dish. Ackee is a fruit which is more like a vegetable. Saltfish is dried, salted cod. I don't know anything else with which to compare this dish so some other Ziner will have to help me out. I just know that it is wonderful and one of my favourite foods. Mackerel and Rundung is salted mackerel and vegetables cooked in coconut milk.