Subject: Re: air travel to different cities
Hi, Ziners:

I originally responded directly to Carol who was inquiring about the best way to get good rates for her mom on a trip this summer, but it occurs to me that my response might be of interest to others. So, here's some advice on this kind of trip planning:

The trip you have planned for your mom is called a circle trip, & can consist of discounted levels on each portion of the journey. Direct-book websites do have an option for multiple cities. A circle trip must only have 2 stops, however, in order to qualify for discounted rates. So your mom should go from Minneapolis directly back to Tampa, not back to San Antonio with you & thence on to Tampa. That would make 3 stops & altho there are some ways to make that itinerary still affordable, it's a little trickier to plan.

It's a good plan to dig around on the net for an idea about the best rates. The trick on this one is to coordinate your travel so that you fly with her on the San Antonio-Minneapolis leg. After you've sussed out the best fares, call the airline with those routes & rates to get your bookings coordinated. I suspect it will be Northwest, both for routes & schedules. Unless you are very savvy with booking air travel online, I'd call the airlines on this one after you've done your research, since you want to make sure you're coordinated on the San Antonio-Minn portion. The airline can actually link your itineraries in the computer, which can't be done online as each person's reservation in this case is separate.

Good luck, Gail Norris Eugene OR